Trying to Sort out a Big Mess

It is pretty hard to blame Walter for walking out on the company. He did not get lured away by another company, instead he got lured away by an extremely wealthy widow. She was one of our most important clients and apparently he did a really great sales job on her. At any rate they sent me to Singapore and we found out that he really did not do things by the book, the entire operation is impossible to decipher. I had to get a Singapore company secretarial services to send me a couple of secretaries and we are trying to dig through the mess that Walter left. I tried to get him to tell me what he did with all of the stuff that I need, but from what I have been told he is either in Bali or skiing in Vail. The widow’s people were not really sure which one it was, or perhaps they just did not intend to tell me where they were. I am dubious as to whether or not he would really have the time to worry about my problems.

The main office is pretty upset about the whole thing, but that is what happens when you let a guy like Walter freelance. So long as he is on the job and making sales, they did not care how he did it. Now that he is not on the job they want to find a scapegoat, however that is not me. I have figured out some of the things that he was doing and not all of it was above the table. It seems like he was not really above paying a bribe when that was what it took to make a sale, and the company is pretending that this is a big shock to them.

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