This Spanish Restaurant Was the Best

My husband and I were looking forward to our honeymoon in Singapore. Even before he proposed to me, we both knew that was where we wanted our first trip as Mr. and Mrs. to be. We decided to take an extended honeymoon and spent a total of ten days there, which are forever etched in my mind because they were so great. We got to play on the beach, take amazing tours, and we even found the best Spanish restaurant in Singapore that we ended up eating at four times while we were there.

We had determined that we were going to eat someplace different each day we were there, but it was too hard to stick to that rule when everything at La Ventana tasted so good. We both love Spanish food, but we also enjoy other types as well, which is why we wanted to try everything we possibly could while there. We did end up choosing the Spanish restaurant the first day though because we both were hungry for it. It was amazing looking over the menu as it had things on it that we just don’t see back home at our favorite Spanish restaurant. We both wanted to try the Pigeon Paella, which was beyond delicious.

We also had a really large choice of tapas to choose from. That is the main reason we went back to the second time, because we couldn’t order everything we wanted to the first time. Which is also why we went back the third and fourth times! Everything was so delicious there though, and the restaurant staff was extremely friendly and helpful too. As far as food goes, this was definitely the culinary highlight of our honeymoon. I wish I could order takeout from them, but it’s a little too far away now!

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