Sunrooms Add a Great Addition to a Home

If you are looking to add a room in your house made for relaxation, Chicago sunrooms or solariums are a great idea. A sunroom is a great room if you want to enjoy the outside view without actually being outside. No need to worry about allergies from pollen while soaking in the sun. The room is made mostly of glass so the sun can shine in from all directions.

There are two types of sunrooms. Three season and four season sunrooms are the main options. Is the room going to be used throughout the year? If so, a four season sunroom that is highly insulated is the best choice. Three season sunrooms are not as insulated and can get cold during the winter months. Four season sunrooms will tend to cost more because they have more insulation and thicker windows. Double pane windows are a great option to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

Where is the room going to be located? Will it have heat? A sunroom can be attached or detached from a house. Detached sunrooms will usually only be used during the warmer months. They do not have the insulation thata room in the house would have. Also, they will not have the heating and air to control the temperature of the room. An attached sunroom with heating and air can be enjoyed year round. Having a sunroom added at the entry of a house can make for a warmer, better constructed room.

When deciding which type is best for the home and family, the cost will be an important deciding factor. The budget will determine the size of the room. It will also deermine which windows are installed. Energy efficent windows will cost more but can keep the room warmer and decrease the power bill.

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