Our Old Building Gets a New Fixed Access Ladder

We bought an old building that has been used for flats and shops for well over a hundred years now. The building has been traced back to almost 200 years, and it has been added onto and refurbished many times. Our latest remodel brought everything back up to code standards. We completely redid the interior with plumbing and electric. We uncovered stone and brick surfaces to use them for their artistic looks. Outside, mortar joints were sealed, and the fixed access ladder to the roof was removed and completely remade.

The old ladder to the roof was just a rung and rail steel ladder attached to the wall. Service personnel had been using it for years. The new ladder has treads and a safety cage. You cannot fall backwards off the ladder. It has a vertical safety pipe to slide your harness attachment up too. It is far safer than the old fixed access ladder that was there. This one was made to perfectly fit our building.

We had it designed to be wider so there was plenty of room inside the tubular cage to hold a large workman with a full toolbelt or backpack full of tools. This is the main ladder used to get up to the roof from the outside. The HVAC inspection crew use it to do routine inspections of the AC units on the roof. It is the quickest way up without having to go inside the building.

The new ladder also has a lock at the bottom of the cage to prevent unauthorized access. The service personnel all have the key to get access to the fixed access ladder that leads to the roof. This was a great investment. We had vandals getting on the roof using the old ladder. This one has stopped all unauthorized access to the roof.

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