It Took an Expert to Point out What the Problem Was

I noticed that light bulbs were blowing out much faster than they should have in my house for a few years. I really did not know why it was happening. I have an older home and I thought maybe that had something to do with it, but I did not know more than that. When other things with the electricity began happening, that got a little scary. Calling an electrical contractor in Passaic County NJ helped to soothe my worries and make me stop worrying about the situation.

When the light bulbs in the house kept popping and going out, I thought maybe I bought a batch of faulty bulbs. I am pretty naive about anything to do with electricity or most things that come with owning a house. Ignoring it seemed like the right thing to do at first. Then, one day I plugged in an extension cord and hooked my TV and DVD player up to that. I let it remain tucked behind the TV stand like anyone else would. A few months later, I bent down to grab the extension to unplug the TV cord from it but I was unable to. I tugged again, and nothing happened. I looked closely and saw that the two connections had melted together! I also saw some burnt plastic. I was grateful that no fire had started, but thought the issue was simply a problem with the cords themselves.

Soon after, I plugged something into a kitchen outlet. The outlet sparked and then popped. That was a little scary. I went about my business as usual. Another day, I plugged something into another area of the kitchen and the same thing happened again, but this time it was much louder and it knocked out the electricity in the entire room. I called in an electrician who assessed everything and pointed out that most of my house needed to be rewired immediately. I hired him right the to get the work done for me.

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