I Wanted Unique Rugs for My House

When I bought a new house, I knew that I was going to have fun decorating it myself. My husband thought I would want to hire a decorator, and normally I would have. However, this house has so much charm, and I knew that I would be able to get it exactly how I wanted like no one else could. I was able to buy all the furniture and wall drapings that I wanted, but I was having a harder time with the rugs. I finally found a store that sells rugs in Pacific Palisades, and it ended up being where I purchased all of my rugs.

I love the hardwood floors in my new house, and I wanted to make sure that I kept them showing. However, I did want to break it up in most of the rooms with a nice rug. I looked at local stores, but I just did not find what I wanted. I did not want to have in my house what so many of my neighbors would have in their own homes. I wanted something unique, and that is exactly what I found when I looked at the store in Pacific Palisades.

I ended up getting six rugs from there. I did not want to have any rugs in the dining room, and my two daughters opted to keep their own bedrooms original with the hardwood floors. The kitchen also does not have a rug. The living room has an oriental rug, the family room has an oval rug with a geometric pattern design, our bedroom has two rugs in it since it is so large, and my office as well as my husband’s office each has a rug in it. The house looks amazing, and I am so glad that I handled all of this on my own!

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