I Am Working to Complete My Degree

I am working to complete my degree and it is not easy at all. I have just enough credits left that I can do it, but there is not much time left over for any other thing. Fortunately for me I have some money saved up. Last summer I found some work doing web design services for this guy who graduated a couple of years ago. He had a lot more work than he could do by himself and he could not afford to pay the full rate that it would have cost. So he paid me in cash what he could and wrote me a bunch of checks that I could not cash right away. All of them worked when he told me that I could take them to the bank though and it was probably better than I never had all of the money to spend.

I am really lucky in another way so far as the money is concerned. I have been dating this girl for close to a year, although at first it did not seem as though it was going to be a serious thing. In fact her family has money and she has her own place close to the campus, apparently it is not very expensive to rent a little house like this. The place is tiny as houses go, but it is more than adequate for two people to live in. So she has been allowing me to live there without paying rent right now. I do pay for stuff like food and so forth. At any rate I am taking a couple of extremely difficult courses and a couple that simply have to be concluded for the degree. Normally I would not attempt to do this much, but it is obvious that you want to graduate sooner rather than later.

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