I Am Ready to Let the Pros Keep My Home Safe

My wife passed away last year. We were married for 55 years. We met when I was in the military as a young person, and she stuck by me after our first date. I knew we were perfect for one another, so I asked her to marry me before she had a chance to meet anyone else! She was always the one who was fearful that someone would break in to our home, but now that I am alone, I found myself worrying about home security after many burglaries in the neighborhood. My daughter said to look at home-security.io because that is where she got her security system from.

I have always been the man of our home. My wife gave me three beautiful daughters, and I took care of everything they needed the extra help with. Everything from handyman projects around the our home and keep us all safe and secure with advice or even brute strength. Around thirty years ago, a stranger broke into our home, despite the fact that we were all upstairs asleep. I made some loud noises, and I thought that would scare the intruder off while we were waiting for the cops, but it did not work. Instead, the intruder came upstairs to investigate the noise, and that’s where he found me! He tried to run, but I grabbed him and held on tight. The police showed up 8 minutes later to arrest him. I am just glad it ended there.

The issue now is that I am 81 years old. I do not really think that I would want to meet a burglar head on these days. It is hard enough to get out of bed and put my slippers on each day, much less need to get physical with someone! So, I have decided it is best that I let the pros handle keep my home safe. I called to make an appointment to have an alarm put into my home next week.

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