15 thoughts on “Hozier – Take Me To Church Add Yours?

  • oh this shit pisses me off OK first off when u make jokes about Muslims they say your racist when u say its a religion they say your still rude and get mad I said look people make fun of christian or do inappropriate things against them they like no not true well look at this shit tell me again how Muslims are always made fun of? this is bull shit not saying a Muslim made this but common why are the Muslims always cuddled all the fucking time by the media so know what fuck political correctness.

  • Wait do gay people like actually love each other? I've never really thought of it that way. I have always thought that it was just something that some guys like to do. I've never thought that two guys could actually be in love like a man and a woman can be. I don't mean to offend anyone I just can't imagine what that's like. I have never felt any kind of love for another man. That's just so odd (not in a bad way) but in way that I just can't understand.


    finally god damn someone had to say it

  • I really assumed this was a song about recovery. talked about his lover being a her/she. I can only assume there producer just wanted a controversial video. music and songs mean different things to the beholder, just like most forms of art. I am choosing to believe this is a song about drug alcohol recovery. too each there own tho. Happy New Years everyone (even the homophobes)!

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