How It Can Pay to Hire Professionals to Help Around the House

It is easy to get behind in things. It is also easy to be doing work that is not really helping you to generate income to your full potential. My wife’s pregnancy required her to take it easy when she was approaching full term. She is a go-getter who needs to have everything done before she will rest. So, I decided to hire a cleaning company in Toronto to keep our house in order until after our baby arrived. I was calling off work to make sure she would rest by making sure both my responsibilities and hers were done. She is the type who will do her part and yours if you wait too long to get something done. It is just how she is. I was having a hard time getting it all done so she would have no excuse not to take it easy. It was actually more cost effective for me to hire the cleaning crew than it was to stay home from work.

After our baby arrived, we looked at the numbers on paper and figured out that it would be better for us to keep the professionals cleaning our home while we spent the extra time it gave us with our baby and earning more to retire early. I know that some people see things like this as a luxury. Sometimes it is a necessity, especially if you do the actual math. We looked at how many hours per week we put in doing all the chores around the house versus the value of the time spent with our baby daughter as well as earning overtime. On some days I can earn three times my base pay for a single shift. Our goal is to retire early, but there is only so much we can do. Neither of us can be in two places at the same time. So, hiring a cleaning company in Toronto to clean our home worked out in our favor financially.

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