The First Condo Quiz Competition

My friends can be a bit competitive at times. When we’re all eating at a restaurant, someone will randomly start eating faster than the others, and we’ll end up in a race to see who can finish their meal the fastest. A few weeks ago at my condo at the Treasure at Tampines, we were watching a game show where contestants had to answer trivia questions for money. We were competing with each other to see who could get the most right answer. No one was keeping score during the game, so no one really remembered who had the most. I remembered that a video game version of the game show had been made, so I ordered the game and invited my friends over again to have a real competition.

For the game, I decided to make a prize pool that anyone could get if they won the game. Each person had to put $100 into the pool as an entrance fee. To play the video game, each person had a controller and they were allowed to create their own custom character however they wanted. Continue reading

They Got My Daughter to the Next Level

I bought some piano lessons for kids in Singapore because my daughter needed them. We employed the services of an instructor who would come over to the house to teach her techniques and they just didn’t click. My daughter didn’t care for the teacher and thus made little progress in learning how to play the instrument. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, you’ll never master anything unless you really click with the person teaching you. I’ve always learned better and faster with someone I liked and respected than with a person who seemed hostile or indifferent.

I wanted my daughter to learn to enjoy playing the piano, to have a passion for the instrument that would translate into really achieving mastery over the keyboard. Continue reading

Christmas Carolers for My Mom

I wanted to go online to see if I could find some professional Christmas party entertainment that I could hire for a few hours. My mother lives in an upscale nursing home where residents do not lack for anything. This year will be the first year that my mom will be in there for Christmas, and I wanted to make it special for her. There is already an upscale Christmas party thrown each year, but there is usually just music through the speakers at the venue that is rented just for this purpose.

I wanted something more special for Mom because Christmas is her favorite holiday. Continue reading

Car Detailing in Sacramento California

In the hot and sunny climate of the Sacremnto Valley in California most people desire having a clean vehicle to present to the public while driving along the state’s many scenic highways – mobile auto detailing in sacramento can be more beneficial than simply having your car washed. Many beleive that having their car washed and having it detailed are the same thing. This could not be further from the truth. While having your car washed can be an automated and impersonal process, having it detailed is accomplished by handwashing by experienced professionals. Detaling is done on the exterior of a car as well as the interior.

Exterior Detailing involves vacuuming, washing, and waxing – attempting to surpass the original condition of the exterior of the vehicle. The compents that are given attention include tires, windows and wheels, among other visible components.

Interior detailing involves cleaning the inner parts of a vehicle. These areas include leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics and natural fibers. Different techniques such as steam-cleaning and vacuuming are used.

Sacremento has many businesses that cater to every variety of car owner, from those that just want the mud washed off their car, to the classic or foreign car enthisiast. There are more than forty mobile detailing services in the Sacremento Metropolitcan area alone. This gives the car owner a great variety of places to choose from, as well as causing competitive prices which benefit the consumer.

Many may think that they couldn’t afford to have their car detailed, but this is not true. Many mobile auto detailing in Sacramento offer differing packages ranging from twenty dollars up to fifty dollars. This is certainly affordable to those car owners that want to keep their cars having that ‘just off the lot’ look.

Another benefit to consumers is that many detailing services offer customer loyalty clubs, in that if you get repeat service you often get discount and even free service after a while.

All in all, the city of Sacremento offers many detailing options to those that want to keep their vehicles looking sexy when their owners take them for a drive on California’s many beautiful roads.

I Wanted Unique Rugs for My House

When I bought a new house, I knew that I was going to have fun decorating it myself. My husband thought I would want to hire a decorator, and normally I would have. However, this house has so much charm, and I knew that I would be able to get it exactly how I wanted like no one else could. I was able to buy all the furniture and wall drapings that I wanted, but I was having a harder time with the rugs. I finally found a store that sells rugs in Pacific Palisades, and it ended up being where I purchased all of my rugs.

I love the hardwood floors in my new house, and I wanted to make sure that I kept them showing. However, I did want to break it up in most of the rooms with a nice rug. I looked at local stores, but I just did not find what I wanted. Continue reading

My New Gaming Keyboard is Superb

You really do get what you pay for. I don’t necessarily mean the cost of something either. If you go with a brand that nothing is known about, then you are running the risk of getting something that is not a quality product. The last time I bought a gaming keyboard, I focused on price first, which is how I found a company that I had never heard. I thought I was getting the best quality mechanical keyboard for a great price, but it was just the opposite. It worked for a while, but the numbers and letters started to fade on the keypads within just a few months.

I am not an expert when it comes to keyboard typing. I need to have the letters and numbers visible, and it was just too hard to use the keyboard after the fading started. Continue reading

Our Old Building Gets a New Fixed Access Ladder

We bought an old building that has been used for flats and shops for well over a hundred years now. The building has been traced back to almost 200 years, and it has been added onto and refurbished many times. Our latest remodel brought everything back up to code standards. We completely redid the interior with plumbing and electric. We uncovered stone and brick surfaces to use them for their artistic looks. Outside, mortar joints were sealed, and the fixed access ladder to the roof was removed and completely remade.

The old ladder to the roof was just a rung and rail steel ladder attached to the wall. Service personnel had been using it for years. The new ladder has treads and a safety cage. Continue reading

Losing Weight While Keeping the Taste

I’ve eaten a lot of food over many months and have packed on a lot of pounds. I wanted to get my body into better shape, so I made a commitment to lose weight. Having dealt with weight loss programs in the past, I wasn’t too eager about doing another one, because I never cared for the diets that I would have to follow. The bland foods that tastes like they were made for astronauts were something that I hated. I heard about Nutrisystem Fresh Start reviews online and begin to rethink my approach to the weight loss diet technique.

People were giving all kinds of positive feedback about the foods from the Nutrisystem diet, saying that it tasted like normal, delicious food that people would normally eat and not any of that flavorless junk. I became curious and wanted to give the diet a try. I signed up to have my meals delivered to me and on the first day of starting the new diet, I was pleasantly surprised at how great the food tasted. Continue reading

I Am Working to Complete My Degree

I am working to complete my degree and it is not easy at all. I have just enough credits left that I can do it, but there is not much time left over for any other thing. Fortunately for me I have some money saved up. Last summer I found some work doing web design services for this guy who graduated a couple of years ago. He had a lot more work than he could do by himself and he could not afford to pay the full rate that it would have cost. So he paid me in cash what he could and wrote me a bunch of checks that I could not cash right away. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning from a Typical Teen Perspective

Our mom drives us crazy with the annual chore of cleaning we do at the condo we live in. I admit that sometimes you can’t really see the floor in my room for all the clothes and junk I have strewn around, but it is not filthy stuff. There are no pizza boxes or plates of half-eaten food laying around. It is a clean mess. Still, she has my sister and I clean our rooms before she hires the people who come out to do household spring cleaning in Singapore. They come to our condo every year and clean several of the units. Word got around of how thorough a job that they do.

My mom is funny in that she tells us that she is not letting the cleaning people see the mess our rooms are. I remind her that she hires the professionals to do the cleaning. Then I ask her why do we have to preclean our rooms first? She gives us the standard comments about how I am like a farm animal with how I keep my room and professional people don’t need to see that. She asked me if I brush my teeth and floss before getting my teeth cleaned. I told her that I do, and she asked me why I do it. Continue reading

I Needed to Have Mold Removed from a Building

I was able to buy a small apartment building for a lot less money than I expected. I had inspected the building beforehand, so I knew that there was a lot of work to be done. I still considered it a steal though. One of the first things I had done was an inspection, and this was when it was determined that there was a slight mold problem. I had no idea how to handle this on my own, so I did an online search for a Charlotte mold removal company, which is how I found EDS Disaster Services.

They have an entire page dedicated to mold. It really helped me by learning all about mold this way. I have heard the term before, but I honestly could not explain it beyond knowing it was a fungus that can be dangerous. Continue reading

Sometimes a Person Needs Help Beyond Working out

Long hours of working out for so many years is something that I really believe in. I make sure that I try to meet my goal number of hours for exercise every week. But I guess the fact that I am older now has made it so that I can no longer change the way certain parts of my body look with exercise. I knew that I could look better with help, so I began looking to see if any companies carry out fat freeze in Singapore so that I could get some assistance with feeling better about myself.

I certainly do not feel the need to look perfect. I think that most everything in life is fine when done in moderation. But I do care about the way that I look. It is pretty obvious to me that I feel better when I also think that I look good. Continue reading

Trying to Sort out a Big Mess

It is pretty hard to blame Walter for walking out on the company. He did not get lured away by another company, instead he got lured away by an extremely wealthy widow. She was one of our most important clients and apparently he did a really great sales job on her. At any rate they sent me to Singapore and we found out that he really did not do things by the book, the entire operation is impossible to decipher. I had to get a Singapore company secretarial services to send me a couple of secretaries and we are trying to dig through the mess that Walter left. Continue reading

Corporate Gifts That Workers Will Like

Though we are not a huge company, we still like to do as many nice things for our workers as we can. There are nearly 60 people who work for us, and they give their all to make us the success that we are. They receive great wages, excellent benefits, and our unwavering gratitude. At the end of the year, we like to hand out corporate gifts that we have purchased from to show even more of our appreciation. Though they are just small tokens of our appreciation, they are usually big hits because of the fun items that we pick out.

Some of the items that we have given in the past include tee shirts, caps, Bluetooth speakers, different kinds of accessories for the car and so many other things. This year, I wanted to find something different from what we have given in the past. I looked over the different categories of gifts that are available, and I decided that this year’s gifts are going to be bags. Continue reading

Managing Home Disasters That Involve the Insurance Company and an Anxious Husband

My husband gets a bit nervous when things happen. I have become the voice of reason in our family. He used to make split-second decisions that were always right. Now things get to him. We were sitting and watching a movie on DVD. A storm was raging outside and the satellite TV lost signal. We heard a big crunch followed by a crash. The huge maple tree in the front yard fell over. It looked like something out of a movie. The twisted roots were sticking up, and the place that does tree removal in Long Island told us that it missed the house and garage by inches. We could not even get up to the front of the house or garage because of the tree branches. Continue reading

Getting a Slate Roof Replaced with Real Slate Shingles

Part of the charm of this house we bought was its slate roof. It really brought together the whole look of the house. We liked the Old World charm that was coupled with the new technology in the renovations the owner did. The kitchen had commercial-grade appliances and was designed to be a gourmet kitchen. The forced-air HVAC system had HEPA filtration. Well, looks and technology are nice, but slate can be a problem keeping it looking good and watertight. We had called for roof repair in Manhattan NY reaching out to a company who would work on a slate roof.

Fortunately, for us, the only problem was the roof area over the back porch. It was the only spot that needed redone. You can still buy slate shingles, but matching what you already have might present a problem. Continue reading

Best Deals for Roof Installation

My mother left her house to my family in her will, and we moved into it a few months ago. I am very glad to be a home owner now, because it meant that I was able to move my kids out of an apartment. This is a much better environment for them to grow up in, and so I am very thankful. Unfortunately the house needs a lot of work, and I have gotten some things done, and now I am looking into roof installation in Queens NY and I would like to figure out how much it is going to cost.

I know it is not going to come cheap and so I just hope that I am able to come up with enough money to pay for it. Though I kind of doubt I will be able to, because I am fairly sure it is going to be more expensive than I can afford at the moment. Continue reading

It Took an Expert to Point out What the Problem Was

I noticed that light bulbs were blowing out much faster than they should have in my house for a few years. I really did not know why it was happening. I have an older home and I thought maybe that had something to do with it, but I did not know more than that. When other things with the electricity began happening, that got a little scary. Calling an electrical contractor in Passaic County NJ helped to soothe my worries and make me stop worrying about the situation.

When the light bulbs in the house kept popping and going out, I thought maybe I bought a batch of faulty bulbs. I am pretty naive about anything to do with electricity or most things that come with owning a house. Continue reading

A Party Bus for Our Daughter’s Wedding

My daughter told her mother and I that the only thing she wanted for her wedding day that she was not able to get was a party bus. She thought that it would be fun if she and the rest of the bridal party could have used a party bus, but she just could not fit it in their wedding budget. She was not telling us to hint for us to get her one or anything, but we still decided to give her what she really wanted. We looked online for a limo in toronto that provides party buses, and we were able to find exactly what we wanted.

The limo company that we looked at has a wide variety of limos and party buses. Continue reading

How It Can Pay to Hire Professionals to Help Around the House

It is easy to get behind in things. It is also easy to be doing work that is not really helping you to generate income to your full potential. My wife’s pregnancy required her to take it easy when she was approaching full term. She is a go-getter who needs to have everything done before she will rest. So, I decided to hire a cleaning company in Toronto to keep our house in order until after our baby arrived. I was calling off work to make sure she would rest by making sure both my responsibilities and hers were done. She is the type who will do her part and yours if you wait too long to get something done. It is just how she is. I was having a hard time getting it all done so she would have no excuse not to take it easy. It was actually more cost effective for me to hire the cleaning crew than it was to stay home from work. Continue reading

This Spanish Restaurant Was the Best

My husband and I were looking forward to our honeymoon in Singapore. Even before he proposed to me, we both knew that was where we wanted our first trip as Mr. and Mrs. to be. We decided to take an extended honeymoon and spent a total of ten days there, which are forever etched in my mind because they were so great. We got to play on the beach, take amazing tours, and we even found the best Spanish restaurant in Singapore that we ended up eating at four times while we were there.

We had determined that we were going to eat someplace different each day we were there, but it was too hard to stick to that rule when everything at La Ventana tasted so good. We both love Spanish food, but we also enjoy other types as well, which is why we wanted to try everything we possibly could while there. We did end up choosing the Spanish restaurant the first day though because we both were hungry for it. Continue reading