A Party Bus for Our Daughter’s Wedding

My daughter told her mother and I that the only thing she wanted for her wedding day that she was not able to get was a party bus. She thought that it would be fun if she and the rest of the bridal party could have used a party bus, but she just could not fit it in their wedding budget. She was not telling us to hint for us to get her one or anything, but we still decided to give her what she really wanted. We looked online for a limo in toronto that provides party buses, and we were able to find exactly what we wanted.

The limo company that we looked at has a wide variety of limos and party buses. While my wife and I would definitely prefer a luxury stretch limo, we understand that times have changed. If we were 30 years younger, we may very well want a party bus for us and our friends too. We only took a moment to look at the stretch limos and share a daydream about where we would go in one, then we got down to business in looking at the party buses.

She is having a pretty big wedding party, which is something else that is new with this younger generation. When my wife and I got married as well as most of our friends, we had just a handful of people participating in the ceremony. Nowadays, it seems that a wedding party that has less than a dozen or so people in it is considered small. For our daughter, she was having 20 people in her party. We looked at a party bus that holds 24 people comfortably, and we knew that it would be the perfect party bus for her and her bridal party. She was so excited when she found out we got her one!

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