Our Old Building Gets a New Fixed Access Ladder

We bought an old building that has been used for flats and shops for well over a hundred years now. The building has been traced back to almost 200 years, and it has been added onto and refurbished many times. Our latest remodel brought everything back up to code standards. We completely redid the interior with plumbing and electric. We uncovered stone and brick surfaces to use them for their artistic looks. Outside, mortar joints were sealed, and the fixed access ladder to the roof was removed and completely remade.

The old ladder to the roof was just a rung and rail steel ladder attached to the wall. Service personnel had been using it for years. The new ladder has treads and a safety cage. Continue reading

Managing Home Disasters That Involve the Insurance Company and an Anxious Husband

My husband gets a bit nervous when things happen. I have become the voice of reason in our family. He used to make split-second decisions that were always right. Now things get to him. We were sitting and watching a movie on DVD. A storm was raging outside and the satellite TV lost signal. We heard a big crunch followed by a crash. The huge maple tree in the front yard fell over. It looked like something out of a movie. The twisted roots were sticking up, and the place that does tree removal in Long Island told us that it missed the house and garage by inches. We could not even get up to the front of the house or garage because of the tree branches. Continue reading

Installing AC Units in NYC

If the time has come to get a new AC unit installed for your business or commercial building, you will want to hire an HVAC company that is experienced with NYC projects. An AC installation in NYC is different than most areas with complex challenges, so experience matters more than many other areas. Installations vary from AC units to central AC systems to chilled water central systems. It is best to consult with an HVAC company when you are ready to begin the process for replacing your existing system. They will be able to go over the particulars of your particular business or building needs.

Many businesses have different demands, some are concerned with just cooling one floor, others several, and some entire buildings. Continue reading

Losing Weight While Keeping the Taste

I’ve eaten a lot of food over many months and have packed on a lot of pounds. I wanted to get my body into better shape, so I made a commitment to lose weight. Having dealt with weight loss programs in the past, I wasn’t too eager about doing another one, because I never cared for the diets that I would have to follow. The bland foods that tastes like they were made for astronauts were something that I hated. I heard about Nutrisystem Fresh Start reviews online and begin to rethink my approach to the weight loss diet technique.

People were giving all kinds of positive feedback about the foods from the Nutrisystem diet, saying that it tasted like normal, delicious food that people would normally eat and not any of that flavorless junk. I became curious and wanted to give the diet a try. I signed up to have my meals delivered to me and on the first day of starting the new diet, I was pleasantly surprised at how great the food tasted. Continue reading

I Am Working to Complete My Degree

I am working to complete my degree and it is not easy at all. I have just enough credits left that I can do it, but there is not much time left over for any other thing. Fortunately for me I have some money saved up. Last summer I found some work doing web design services for this guy who graduated a couple of years ago. He had a lot more work than he could do by himself and he could not afford to pay the full rate that it would have cost. So he paid me in cash what he could and wrote me a bunch of checks that I could not cash right away. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning from a Typical Teen Perspective

Our mom drives us crazy with the annual chore of cleaning we do at the condo we live in. I admit that sometimes you can’t really see the floor in my room for all the clothes and junk I have strewn around, but it is not filthy stuff. There are no pizza boxes or plates of half-eaten food laying around. It is a clean mess. Still, she has my sister and I clean our rooms before she hires the people who come out to do household spring cleaning in Singapore. They come to our condo every year and clean several of the units. Word got around of how thorough a job that they do.

My mom is funny in that she tells us that she is not letting the cleaning people see the mess our rooms are. I remind her that she hires the professionals to do the cleaning. Then I ask her why do we have to preclean our rooms first? She gives us the standard comments about how I am like a farm animal with how I keep my room and professional people don’t need to see that. She asked me if I brush my teeth and floss before getting my teeth cleaned. I told her that I do, and she asked me why I do it. Continue reading